Asus TX/TUF 506IV

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    I got an Asus TX 506IV 3 days ago :)

    ASUS TX is a rebranding of ASUS TUF in China. Asus TX 506IV has the same core specs and build with Asus TUF 506IV (Ryzen 7 4800H + RTX 2060 + 144HZ Panel). Mine had 16gb 3200MHZ RAM, a 48wh battery and 500GB M.2 NVMe (costs about $1200)

    Quick Review

    1. Though much is made of plastic, build is solid and seems durable.
    2. Quite thin and light for a gaming laptop.
    3. Fans are silent under light loads.
    4. Solid performance in games and apps.
    5. Not encountering any ghosting yet in the 144hz screen.

    1. The screen seems washed out (need tweaking with AMD Radeon Settings light app).
    2. It gets really hot (CPU itself alone will reach 90C in Turbo Mode... Though turbo mode can be disabled via registry tweak, which will take at least 20C off the temp)
    3. Keyboard characters seems lightly printed and will surely fade in time.
    4. On-board speakers' a bit soft.
    5. 48wh Battery lasts for 2+ hours in continuous casual use (no power saving applied)

    If you got questions about this unit, feel free to ask. :)




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