Asus Rog Strix GL531GT Interchangeable Components?

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    I've recently bought a Asus Rog Strix Model GL531GT-BH51-CB, and was wondering if components from the other GL531 models are interchangeable (heatsink/display/motherboard (GPU/CPU With BGA Tools) etc).

    I would like to upgrade my display to 120hz or 240hz, I also want to swap the heatsink with the one in the G531GW/G532LWS (a decent amount more copper).

    Also, I don't care about fan noise. Does anyone have any recommendations for replacing the internal fans? Are the ones in the laptop the best I will get do the more expensive models have better fans?

    My Goal is to keep the temps below 65c under full cpu and gpu load (With under-volting, no turbo but possibly overclocked (not sure about overclock yet)).

    On a side note, is anyone aware if my model can handle 64gb of memory? (2x 32gb sticks)

    Edit: So at least the Heatsink/thermal assembly is unable to be interchanged as the cpu and gpu on the G531GT are in a different position compared to the other G531 Models.
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