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    Hey guys!
    Yesterday I was at the Store and I bought a New laptop. I was able to choose between the Acer Helios 500 (ryzen 5 2600 and vega 56) and Asus GL703GS (8750H and gtx 1070).

    Seeing benchmarks of the Helios 500 I went with the Gl703gs because the gtx 1070 is 3-20% faster Than laptop vega.

    Maybe calling this review is a bit too much, because I Will mainly focus on 2 things:
    - CPU clock during benchmark
    - the problems with the unit

    ASUS ROG Strix GL703GS-E5011T (SCAR Edition)
    CPU: 6 core Intel 8750H
    RAM: 1x 16 GB 2666 MHz CL19 ram
    SSD: Samsung 256 GB nvme SSD
    VGA: Nvidia Geforce GTX1070
    Screen: 17.3" AUO B173HAN03.2 (AUO329D) 3 ms IPS G-Sync

    The package is the standard package for gl laptops, however with a little extra this time:


    The main problem with the Helios 500 is that Acer is "cheating" to keep temps low, so they lowered the default 45w tdp of the 8750h to 35w. Because of this the CPU Will not hold 3.9 GHz @ 6 core for a long Time and Will downclock to 3.4 GHz.
    Asus does something simmilar, however they offer "Overboost" Mode in the Gaming Center for people who want to run thr CPU max speed. Enabling Overboost Will increase the 35w tdp to the Intel default 45w.

    Fire Strike


    Yes, it is hot, however look at
    the CPU frequency, it did not go below 3.9 GHz.
    These temps are with default voltage (1.3+ V on core) and with the factory toothpaste paste.

    What I love
    - screen quality is excellent. almost 100% sRGB and since it is IPS the viewing angles are good.

    - full speed of the CPU. Helios 500 for the same price might have lower temps, however the CPU speed there is limited

    What I dislike
    - it is hot (out of the box)
    - touchpad is not using MS driver, so no touchpad during clean Windows install and need a mouse
    - As most gl laptops, this one also has cracking speakers (left one this time)
    - and the main problem: no perfectly working VGA driver (as of yet)

    The problem with driver is the same which I mentioned earlier with other laptops.

    The problem is that when playing DX12 titles I noticed a ghosting/blur effect during movement, even if the movement was programmed and not user controlled.
    I also noticed when this ghosting happen, the picture got overfocused.
    I only noticed with with dx12 titles (games and benchmarks), dx11 titles were ok.
    I have seen this with 75 hz LG IPS and 120 hz AUO IPS panels.
    As of today this bug has been fixed with the LG panels (took abouth 1 year to get a fix), however As of today I can reproduce this bug with ease with Asus laptops using the 120 hz AUO panel (gl702vs, g752vsk, g701vik, gl702vi).

    The reason behind this is unknown to me, but if had to guess there is a bug in the driver regarding the laptop screen controller.
    The bug is software level and Shadowplay can can record it.
    No issue with external monitor.

    A video of the issue (with comparison screnshots at the end):

    As of today for laptops with the 120 hz panel the only fix is to ide driver 376.06 released by Asus.

    However my main issue is that this ghosting effect appears on the gl703gs too.

    Previous Asus Laptops with 144 hz 7 ms screen did not have IT, however it came back with this New 144 hz 3 ms panel.

    To make things worse, now IT does not only appears with dx12 only, but with dx11 aswell!

    It is enough to open 3dmark. Start switching betweens menus and when the movement animation happens, you can see the menu icons leaving a black ghosting line behind.
    RotTR is the same as in the video above, very annoying.

    Regarding this New panel AUO did not just make hw changes, but also made changes in the edid..
    With previous AUO 120 hz and 144 hz panels the user was able to switch between 60 hz AND 120/144 hz.
    Now however only 144 hz is available.

    If I had to guess (I am no expert like @j95 ) I would say this New edid somehow confronts the laptop screen controller in the driver.
    3 drivers have been released by Asus for this laptop and neither of them fixes IT.
    Tried out drivers from nv website and also tried 376.06 (had to mod the inf for IT to install) but nothing helped, not even 376.06 helped this time.

    In short if you buy a GL703GS or G703GI Chimera with this screen you Will only see 3 ms the Windows desktop and during Gaming it will feel if it was a 80-100 ms panel.

    When Will a driver be released which fixes this? Probably never, but even if Asus releases one, I am not hoping for IT to reach the public this year.

    What I do not understand is:
    1) how did Asus not notice this?
    2) how did reviewers not notice this?

    Or I am the problem and only I think that this is not ok? :)

    Well thats all for now.

    If you have any tips to fixing this issue which I mentioned, please post it.
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    Thank you for the review. Very well done.

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