Asus GL702VS GTX1070

Discussion in 'Price Check Forum' started by Arog, May 30, 2019.

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    Hey guys just doing a price check. I am trying to sell my GL702VS but am getting zero interest right now. I'd like to know if it's priced too high. The specs are:

    i7 7700hq
    32GB DDR4 Ram
    1TB mechanical hard drive

    I did a vent mod on it as well and was wondering if that is keeping this thing from selling:


    I haven't even gotten an offer on it yet, I'd like $1100 for it because it seems to sell for around $900 to $1000 with only 12GB of Ram on eBay. Thinking about putting a youtube for sale video for it to show temps and stuff when gaming. This thing doesn't even throttle at load with the vent mod when I have it in combination with the laptop cooler with noctua fans. Thinking about including the laptop cooler and a 512GB xpg nvme ssd for $1100.

    Also factor in there are no scratches on the aluminum lid at all since it stayed on top of my desk 99% of the time. Just a couple of light scuffs on the bottom panel from setting it down. No weird oil spots or anything on the keyboard or palm rests because I always used an external keyboard and mouse with it.

    Selling because I went with a Macbook pro as my laptop recently. I really doubt the 8750 with a six core is that much faster than a 7700hq but maybe that is why it's not selling? Also have it on eBay for the same price and other for sale sites.
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    For a couple hundred dollars more, people will just buy current RTX laptop.

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