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    Currently, my laptop (Asus G752vs) came with a 75Hz G sync 1080p Display. I read that people have been able to upgrade Asus G752 models with 120Hz G sync 1080p. However, there might be an issue where the G syn option will be disable since the panel is not whitelisted.

    Currently i am looking to just buying a used a screen from ebay, that came directly from an asus g752vs. i figure a simple swap would be much easier, and hopefully it won't have any whitelisted issues. This is a little expensive compared to buying a brand new panel.

    A new one would cost less, and well it be new along with some warranty. However, i don't know if the G sync will work or not.

    Can someone advice me on which option should i go for? Also is there anything else i need to look at, that i may have missed. Also any other place where i can get a better screen that would work (Like original oem ones).


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