Aspire 5739G and FirePro M5950

Discussion in 'Acer' started by iain.lightbody, Jan 30, 2012.

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    I recently purchased an AMD FirePro M5950 in MXM 3.0 A format from here. The card is identical to a Radeon 6770M except for the fact that it uses GDDR3 instead of GDDR5, so performance will be slightly lower (my 3dMark06 was around 8,000 while another user with a GDDR5 6770M had around 10,000). As for installing it, my laptop is pretty straight forward. All I had to do was take off the back cover, take out my old Radeon 4670, replace the thermal paste, and put the M5950 into the MXM slot.

    I found that the official AMD Radeon drivers (11.12 worked, 12.1 did not) worked for me, but you can get Dell's FirePro drivers from these two links:


    Windows 7 32/64

    I can't really tell you how it will work in other Acers or other laptops with MXM 3.0 A slots as we all know that MXM slots in laptop are sometimes finicky about what they accept. I hope this helps someone with their choice to upgrade their laptop graphics.
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