Aspire 5315 CPU Step-by-Step Upgrade Guide

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    My GL960 and 5 GB of memory:
    I tried to encroach on 6. I did not overcome. 4 + 2 - black screen. 2 + 4 - the laptop starts up, you can go into the BIOS, but the installed Win7_64 hangs up and does not boot. The Win7 installer freezes on the "Starting Windows" screen. What is interesting, but if you install Vin7_32 with less memory, and then add up to 6 GB, then the system boots and works normally. AIDA64 shows all 6 gig, but Windows uses, of course, only 3. Matter of course, left 5 and set Vin7_64[/QUOTE]
    In the first slot 1, in the second - 4. On the contrary, does not want a black screen.

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