Area 51m R2 Brand New Dead Pixel

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by jpowell490, Jan 1, 2021.

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    Received the THIRD Area-51M R2 yesterday. I could have sworn there was another dead pixel in the new 4k screen. There was a piece of lint in the screen and it blew away after initially sticking. It was on the outside of the screen as well, not the inside. So I FINALLY received a perfect Area-51 just like I ordered. I went all out on this one with the exception of RAM. I can add that myself without paying 10 times what it's worth at Dell. Specs in signature. I am in the stages of testing now to make sure it's all ok.

    Question, for TimeSpy, what should this system be scoring. I ran it yesterday when I first received it and it scored 10700. I thought that was low as I seem to remember these hitting almost 13k?

    Oh and as another note, my first two had the 10700k in them. This one has the i9 10900k and most people say you can't tell the difference. The 10900k is absolutely faster in just every day tasks, games, etc. It's a noticeable speed difference for sure. The temperature is also a bit hotter as everyone knows. Mine does very well as it runs in the 80s gaming. I have Thermal Grizzly that I may repaste it with, but for now it is running just fine.

    It might run even cooler with the Thermal Grizzly, so I might do that.
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