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Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by Spartan, Dec 3, 2019.

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    So I recently bought my first MacBook which was a 2019 MacBook Pro 15 fully specced out with an i9-9980HK, 32GB RAM, Vega Pro 20, 4TB SSD. I thought since I a switching to Mac completely, might as well get the best of the best.

    Yes I did hear the rumor about the MBP 16 and that was what I would've preferred because for me, my laptop is my main and only computer so the bigger the screen the better but I wasn't willing to wait for God knows when they actually release it.

    1 month later, out of nowhere, the MBP 16 was released and immediately went on sale on Apple's site. I felt bad knowing that I just spent north of 7000 USD for a laptop that is now last gen and the MBP 16 has better a better graphics card, thermals, keyboard, speakers, mic, etc.

    Anyway I just tried to ignore it and enjoy my MBP 15.

    I then tried my luck calling Apple Customer Care in Dubai (I bought my MBP 15 from the US Apple Store) explaining the situation that I am a new Mac user and I feel bad about the situation. It's been 45 days now since I bought the MBP 15 so I was far off the return period. The customer service agent told me to contact Apple - USA as that's where I bought it from and they might make an exception.

    I called Apple USA and explained the situation to the customer service agent who was very helpful and told me even they as employees were surprised with the sudden release of the 16 inch MBP it just popped up on their site suddenly and put me on hold for a few minutes.

    She spoke with her manager and looking at the situation as to how I felt horrible spending so much money on my MBP 15 only for it to be yesterware in such a short time, they approved a full refund for my MBP 15 and didn't even charge me any restocking fees.

    I then was able to order a new MBP 16 with BETTER specs (in terms of the GPU, I was able to get the Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB) and double the RAM to 64GB and it actually ended up being cheaper than my previous MBP 15!

    I was just trying my luck with Apple but I was surprised to see this kind of customer service and understanding to my situation. I know Apple products are usually over-priced be it a phone or computer, but their customer service is superb!
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    First time owner gets good privileges in the States. They'll do anything to make a customer happy!
    But don't believe the employee's words of not knowing MBP 16 since non-Apple and Macrumors already spilled the milk about MBP 16.
    Keyboard, Display, Graphics(the most exciting one in recent years 5yrs+), bigger RAM and SSD are most welcome aspects.
    The customer support here is horrible!

    I think you're just lucky! Usually with me, whenever I buy a new PC/laptop/Phone etc.. new one with improved or revamped specs comes out next day with lesser price and usually I get NO! We can't accept used Goods/electronics.
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    Well, many of us were expecting the 16 to be released no doubt. It was just "delayed" in terms of when it was supposed to come out (rumors of course). There were many rumors and even code in the macOS updates depicting the 16.

    However, I am glad they did this for you. That was a great offer for you. 45 days, I don't know of any other company that would have done that. Maybe Dell but probably only if your computer was a lemon lol

    You did better than this lol:
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