AORUS X5V6 or X5V7?

Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by MiSJAH, Sep 22, 2018.

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  1. MiSJAH

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    Hi All,

    I'n trying to work out which to keep, at present I have both the V6 and V7 models of the AORUS X5.

    My original V6 outperforms the V7 and the 120Hz display is just fantastic.

    BUT, the V6 overheats and throttles.

    To be fair, the V7 throttles playing Farcry 5 @ 1440p but not quite so severely.

    What would you choose?


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  2. Svegetto

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    I think it primarily depends on the usecase, but lets break down the main changes of v7 vs v6 (mainly from memory, so correct me where I'm wrong):
    7820HK vs 6820HK (productivity boost for v7, but no real gaming difference)
    4k 60Hz G-Sync calibrated screen vs 1080p 120Hz G-Sync (4k would win for most productivity though worse battery life, and 1080p would be better for gaming, though with g-sync, not that big of a difference)
    v7: better integrated keyboard (win for v7)
    2 nvme + sata vs 2 nvme m.2+ sata m.2+ sata + raid (win for v6, but only for very niche environments/users)
    v7: extra air intake (runs cooler overall) (win for v7)
    v7: thunderbolt (win for v7)
    v7: integrated hi-quality DAC (win for v7)

    Now I know you game, but the question is how and how much, and what else do you use the laptop for? For example, I only game on v7 but never use internal display when gaming, so the 4k panel is mostly a win for me (minus the extra battery drain) when it comes to productivity. Thunderbolt is also a plus for future-proofing and letting you attach stronger eGPUs in the future (but that's only possible if you game at home and not when traveling). Do you use your laptop for productivity (and by that I mean, development/design/content creation) or strictly for content consumption? If the latter then the v6 may be the better choice. Lastly, although I doubt you plan on keeping the laptop 'long' it's worth considering that with the v6 running hotter it may mean shorter overall lifespan.
    Either way, it's a good problem to have with no bad solution.
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  3. Shauryya Pratap Mishra

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    This is so true

    It all depends on the use case.
    I just use my laptop and have to have it mobile. I love to consume high quality content, be it audio or video so a 4K display would be so much better than the 2880*1620 I currently have with my V6. The thing to point out is, though, that one can carry out rudimentary color calibrations to make the display appear better. A 3K display would also be much more future proof and sensible when taking the GTX 1070 also into account.
    Having a better DAC would be sooo much better than the generic Relatek stuff that's there. Thunderbolt would be nice too. The thing is that they are not so important that I ditch my V6 for the V7

    The difference would be the thermal cooling capacity of the V6. It is nowhere near adequate to take the complete potential of the CPU + GPU. Especially the thermal compound and the absence of fan cutouts.

    TBH I was really hyped to see the changed CPU and the fancy new DAC, TB3 port and cut-outs, but it didn't make much sense when I took a deep breath, and took a second to analyse the differences. Sure, it would run hot, but clever tweaking does mitigate that. In the end, it comes out to whether the new "upgrades" would make sense for you and whether these "new upgrades" would warrant the price at which these devices retail now. This statement would be true earlier, before the release of the V8, but seeing that they retail at around 1600 and 1800 dollars on amazon, it depends on whether you can afford it and whether you would be happy with this purchase in the future or not, given all the "charms" and "quirks" both of these laptops have.

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