Anyone that can fix Clevo motherboards?

Discussion in 'Sager and Clevo' started by TrantaLocked, Jun 28, 2019.

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    I have two P150EM boards in my possession, one was my original and probably can't be fixed, but the second, which was bought as-is on ebay, may have life left in it if the faulty components can be identified. The ebay as-is board was showing LEDs immediately after plugging in the power cord but without boot or display, but soon after that it stopped showing LEDs and nothing turns on now.

    The third board I bought used on ebay was supposed to be the charm. The ebay seller, doralpctech, posted a picture of a P150EM motherboard but sent a P170EM board. They weren't helpful to me and weren't communicative. So the third board I have is wrong, but technically can work in an NP9150 chassis if I use DC 4-pin to barrel adapters and use a janky power button setup. I refuse to do this. I'm done doing my own board repairs or other questionable hacks until I've trained myself and can afford the necessary tools, which are too expensive.

    I've been trying to get a hold of a reasonably priced P150EM motherboard for months but haven't found one. All the sellers around the world only accept $200 or more, with the more trusted ones like eurocom asking as much as $400. I just can't afford that. I still have the as-is board that doesn't power on but is in good condition, and if you know anyone that's willing to fix it please let me know. Because I was willing to pay $100 for another board on ebay (the P170EM board which I'll be returning for a refund), i'm willing to pay $100 for the service and will also pay for shipping to your location. I can send both boards so you can use my original for extra parts. The original has an unfixable DC jack area (burned holes) but nothing else on the board should be damaged.

    Feel free to refer me to someone you know and hopefully trust. It can be anywhere in the United States.
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    Bro @Khenglish can maybe look into this. Good luck, sir

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