An old R400/T400 related question regarding screen

Discussion in 'Lenovo' started by Varuvaruvaru, Mar 17, 2017.

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    Hi everyone!

    Heres the deal - a while ago I left my trusty R400 closed, upside down for couple of days, after that, when I opened up the screen and turned on the laptop, the screen was blank, the same for status LED's, as if the computer thought that the lid is closed, but when I closed the lid on the other hand, then all the LED's would light up as normal and the screen would turn itself on.
    Slowly, step by step I have remedied this by simply opening the lid more and more till its angle is usable enough, I have also found, that it helps to apply presssure with my fingers at the bezel right in the middle of status LED's(thats where the inverter is), I took the screen assembly apart, removed connectors from inverter then put everything back and still the same problem remains.
    Is there some sort of tiny pressure switch or some kind of other mechanism, that turns the screen off when the lid is closed that I could take a look into fixing or should I just replace the inverter?

    Thanks in advance!
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