AMD and ARM... there was, WILL there be... any futures, commercially?

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    When Apple makes the big news on switching to ARM computing, couple of days later i started to search on ARM certified products from the CPU(in general, mobilephone based and computer based) makers. From the East to the West, China based, Taiwan based, Japan- so far only Fujitsu found, to US based, you know those, you can name it...

    Surprisingly, only Intel doesn't have any ARM certified CPUs, but AMD does! However, AMD's ARM CPU is utilized in Opteron, the CPU for server's use.

    With the Ryzen CPUs had already reached the 7nm status, now probably on the way towards 5nm, will Ryzen CPU stays in the current x86 computing instruction or perhaps developing ARM computing instruction products with the advantage of their 5nm/7nm CPUs?
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