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Alternative to System Mechanic Pro 7

Discussion in 'Windows OS and Software' started by ravenmorpheus, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. ravenmorpheus

    ravenmorpheus Notebook Deity

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    Hi there

    I recently dl'd a trial copy of System Mechanic Pro 7. Now it is very good but I don't have a credit card to be able to pay for it to become the full version (extend the evaluation period past 30 days).

    Are there any alternatives out there that do the same things just as well/better and are an all in one package that don't require me to have a credit card and shell out some cash - i.e. are totally freeware.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions :)
  2. thegreatsquare

    thegreatsquare Notebook Evangelist

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    I have SM7 [not pro]. Do want everything its got or just specific things?

    As for freeware I have and recommend:

    Revo Uninstaller
    Auslogics Defrag
    Pandora Recovery

    ^These 3 are really good, Revo has a very thurough cleaner in it, the Defrag is quick too. Pandora I only used once, but I remember it doing the job. [whatever that job was]

    AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker: Shortend my startup time to 55s, improved gaming a tad.

    Right now I'm using Avira for antivirus.
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