alienware malx... but in green; Voodoo Envy h:201

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    figured this would be a good place to show these off. i've spent a long time looking for these old machines made by boutique pc company of days gone by under the name VoodooPC. originally based in canada, they took clevo based chassis laptops and gave them sick paint jobs. they also had their own completely custom lineup of desktops and media center pcs as well. HP bought them out in 2006, and the green unit in these pictures is one of the final fully Voodoo based machines (i suppose you could call it 'Legacy Voodoo' based off of this forums name); there were a few more Voodoo laptops made after it, but you could tell HP had some input. shortly later in 2009ish the Voodoo brand was dropped. but the the idea for hp's high end gaming lineup still exists to this day in the 'Omen' gaming subbrand of HP; it still uses the old VoodooPC Tribal Mask logo!

    the white u:703 unit was in pretty rough shape, requiring a new motherboard, memory, processor, and video card. i filled in all the cracks with epoxy and super glue to give it some of its structural integrity back. it was even missing the screen latches. i was able to get a donor sager d900t unit to help in fixing it up. it took awhile and a lot of work to get it to the state its in now.

    the green one is the special one. it's a true holy grail of computing. these big units use a clevo m59k/m59ke chassis, and they are normally seen in black (alienware & eurocom) and silver (sager). the big one is perfect though. it's green. and the voodoo laptop line was called the Envy. "Green with Envy". absolute perfection . the green one is in fantastic shape; just missing a couple screws and the battery. i'm not done upgrading it yet, but here's the specs for both of these machines as they sit:

    white u:703 unit:

    Intel Pentium 4 Desktop chip @ 3.6ghz

    3gb ddr2 (chipset limited)

    nvidia geforce go 7950 gtx 512mb (actually very hard to find working and in the correct clevo socket format)

    twin sata hdds


    green h:201 unit:

    AMD Turion 64 x2 @ 2.0ghz (have a 2.3ghz dual core chip on the way)

    512mb ddr2 (now equipped with the full 8gb of ddr2)

    nvidia quadro fx 2500m (can hold up to twin nvidia 7950gtx cards for SLi; the first laptop (design) to use dual video cards!)

    twin sata hdds in raid0

    if you know anyone who has any old Voodoo computers or parts, or at least point me in the right direction to find out more about old beasts like these, please let me know!

    (pic spam below)

    20180929_011534_jpg__3ZAQx.jpg 20180929_011538_jpg__30Df4.jpg 20180929_011547_jpg__RCErp.jpg 20180929_011559_jpg__JbKmO.jpg 20180929_011613_jpg__WAmHX.jpg
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    Its beautiful
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    These look awesome! Thanks for sharing

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