Alienware m15 - Questions and concerns about the laptop

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by L1qu1d, Mar 30, 2019.

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    Just spotted this beautiful thread, throwing .02 in ;)

    1. Does it have SD card reader? Who cares.
    2. Can it run 3200MHz Sodimm memory faster than 2666MHz? Who cares.
    3. XMP option? Who cares, just use HyperX Impact with CL14.
    4. Any overclocking option on RAM, CPU or GPU? Who cares about RAM overclocking. CPU? Yes, if you get an overclockable CPU! GPU, yes with Msi Afterburner etc.
    5. How many Hard disk or Solid state disk can it take? 2 if you go for the smaller battery, 3 otherwise. Max 8 GB of pure SSD storage or 4GB SSD + 5GB HDD
    6. Is the 144hz or 240hz screen worth the extra 100 and 150USD? If not then stick to 60Hz!!!
    7. Fan noise? Minimal after undervolting and repasting.
    8. Only Windows 10? Someone tried to install Windows 7? Haven't seen Win 7 on m15. What about Windows XP? Can it run MS DOS 6? Hello!

    OP, probably better to discuss m15 or a level above.
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