Alienware M14x R2 A13 Unlocked Bios Full Package

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    I collected all the files to be bought so as not to search for unknown where :)


    How to unlock BIOS:
    1.) Make sure you are on an unmodified A13 Bios from Dell
    2.) Next you are going to want to go into that bios at boot (f2) and make sure it's set to legacy boot and NOT UEFI.
    3.) Then you are going to want to follow the instructions , DOS flashing and grab the rest of the files here: flashing from DOS:

    Prepare an USB drive so that it can boot DOS. If you don't know how to do this, check the instructions in the spoiler.

    I use Rufus 2.5 to create dos usb
    Grab the DOS version of fpt for flashing, and my 'prr tool' to circumvent write protection..
    Download a labeled version of the unlocked BIOS. Put the DOS version of the flash tool on the root of the prepared USB stick (fpt.exe and fparts.txt), along with the prr.exe and the file you want to flash (plus the included flash.bat). .
    Restart the system and boot from your USB stick. Run prr.exe, then flash the bios by executing the flash.bat file. Wait until the tool completes the flash. If the verification is okay, reboot, else flash again..
    Go to the bios, load the default settings and reboot. Done.

    4.) After you flash you have to change back to UEFI (secure boot + fast boot) if you are on windows 8 (and you installed windows using uefi, if not then skip this). I also had to change my raid type to AHCI.

    And we have an unlocked bios :)
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    Hell yeah!!! Thanks man, I have an old M14 I'll try this on. I know it's around the Techinferno forums but I never tried it out.

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