Alienware Command Center minimizes games

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    The games, that are manually added in Alienware library, get minimized when escape key is pressed when opened through command center. If you close the command center, escape key works fine but your settings are reverted.

    Steps to recreate issue
    1. Manually add a game
    2. Apply Full Speed to thermals for the game and Quiet for the System
    3. Open the game and press escape key, the game should minimize.
    4. Close the Alienware Command Center
    5. Escape key doesn't minimize the game but the thermals should go back to Quiet settings as per system.
    6. You can no longer alt-tab to desktop.

    Furthermore, none of the keys work except shortcut keys (like ctrl+alt+del, at-tab, ctrl+esc) and arrow keys.
    The only solution as of now is to restart or sign out.

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