Alienware become very laggy/slow in simple windows operations

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by Psiwentyl, Jan 13, 2017.

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    So, due to the budget i've decided to buy that 850 500 EVO now, and then PRO in few months, most likely at black friday. Will then use Pro for as main system disk and Evo as the secondary. Had a good deal on evo, and once the pro move down in price, i will get it.

    I've made clean windows intall. Everything looks fine and the results are better then before. I've managed to get 5700 on Pcmark7 comparing to 5000 on the previous test. Graphics one are more or less same, although after installing all the drivers i was able to switch graphic cards by fn+f5 again, and after that and one test the Ice Storm results jumped to 110k comparing to 80k before. For all the other tests Cinebench etc, even when i moved this graphic cards back to the switchable option i guess results remains the same. Passmark showed way better disks results but thats obvious. My laptop is working really nice and i would like to Thank everyone and @Papusan in particular for all the help in this topic

    I've decided also to use that old 128GB ssd disk as the secondary one until i buy that Pro in few months. Results in crystaldiskmark are at 500/340 right now after clean format so think its better to use that one instead of the bigger hdd one, wich i can connect anyway.

    Instead of that, i bought pocket or sth to connect that HDD as external by USB cable. Until now i used 2 externals connected, one was S2 Portable and the other one was My Passport Ultra. Will check what are the speeds for that WD one that i had inside my alienware earlier and will just pick 2 fastest one and sell the other one.

    I have also set OS optimization for that Evo disk in Samsung Magician app for Max Perfomance
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