Alienware 1st gen Core i7 Series GPU question

Discussion in 'Alienware 17 and M17x' started by Danishblunt, Mar 25, 2017.

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    So i've been seeing a lot of people who upgraded from GTX 260m or GTX 460M to skomething like GTX 680M or AMD 7970M, now my question is, how far can this time of alienware go?

    Cuz I'm currently trying to figure a way to flash a new vbios on a damn dell card (GTX 980M) and got someone who would sell me his old alienware first gen i7 series notebook.

    I would buy it and resell it if it actually is able to accept a maxwell card, so I'm asking people here if you tried this already and if it worked what do i need to do so it does.
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    I don't think it's gonna happen. Not saying it's impossible, but if I recall correctly, but the EC chip might get screwed up in the process, then you are stuck with a dud.

    I'm not a rocket scientist, and I've done my fair share of pin modding, but I could not get my 680m (dell) to work in my clevo, even though I had it working great in the m18x, and rewrote the vbios...

    If prema or one of the other vbios gods smiles upon this thread we might get it working, but I wouldn't count on it.
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    M15x works, M17x R2 does not work with maxwell. i have 970M in my M15x, 980M runs too hot.
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    Sorry for late reply... i have a old school M15x with i7 920xm, ssd, gtx 980m plus 300w charger. The system work very well with windows 10 and all drivers are ok. No issues at all... my maxwell card was undervolted. I've used maxwell bios tweaker to reduce volt table from boost table... so i can use the card like a original card and reduce throttle that is removed at prema and svl7 but have the cons off high votage for my m15x. I had reduced my memos frequency not for temp but to refuce wattage and the card can reach max boost frequency on core..... so for everyday use the 980m is quite cool and powerfull getting 9k on gpu firestrike and 11k on 3dmark11... at bench i can go at 14k ~ 15k with proper cooling at 980m on 3dmark11... Also you can buy a thinnest heatpipe and connect the two heatsinks in middle of motherboard! So my little baby is still alive... i am not a hard user but i already owned m17x r4 alienware 17 r2 clevo p150em and the M15x remains very strong day by day!
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