Alienware 17 R4 GTX1080 in game random Stutter & Freeze

Discussion in '2015+ Alienware 13 / 15 / 17' started by alexnvidia, May 6, 2017.


Does your AW17R4 GTX1080 suffer from stuttering when playing games?

  1. Yes, I have the OC vBIOS

  2. No, I have the OC vBIOS

  3. Was stuttering so I downgraded to old vBIOS

  4. Was stuttering but I manage to fix it

  5. No, my stuttering is still persistent

  6. Yes, stuttering even with old vBIOS

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  1. nedooo

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    I just suggested best option...and that You get what You paid for with Your money...
    But we live in world where almost everybody will (try to) scam You...
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  2. Pete Light

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    Youre on the right track mate but solving this isn't easy and may take several attempts (on one unit it took me four attempts, on several others I can get it in first or second attempt now).

    You must not have ANY gaps in any of the VRMs or MOSFETS so make sure by shining torch light, wiggling pads with tweezers, checking for imprints, dry fitting with pads on chips, using fresh squishy Arctic pads only not fujipoly, fill any tiny gaps with k5 pro paste not another pad.

    The reason your GPU temp has increased is because by adding more pads you've now managed to push the heatsink away from the GPU a tiny amount making the paste on it less efficient, you need to scrap those pads and start again following iunlocks guide to the letter with the new squishy pads (also ignoring 1 pad in the guide which is 0.5mm when it should be 1) and then add any tiny pads where needed to chips after dry fitting first. The heatsink balancing shape is also so important too!

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