Alienware 17 980m 8gb 2015 help please

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    Hello friends im hoping you can help me out , couple years ago i bought the laptop off of facebook marketplace well i did not do the necessary test that i had to because it was a while since i had an alienware computer, any how when i got it i replaced the power connector because the last owner turned on fast charging and damage the plug so i fixed that. The computer started to thermal throttle so i decided to repaste it so when i did i did not change thermal pads because this was the first time i ever repaste a laptop. After the repaste i started experiencing a problem with apex legends it started to crash i have tried everything rolling back to previous driver but nothing helped until i underclocked the gpu memory, then it does not crash and it works just fine. When running 3d bench marks fire strike sometimes it pass successfully sometimes it just crash very rarely i would see slight artifacts for only two loops during the 12th loop. Anyway all my temps are good where video card is concerned does not pass 70 degrees max load fire strike even furmark (dont see any artifact while running furmark for 30 mins) my cpu temp is fine very rarely would reach over 90 since i repaste the cpu and the gpu. Someone told me to download crysis 1 and run it that crashes after five mins. Plays other less demanding game ok btw like battlefield ,call of duty etc. So im wondering can i solve this problem by putting new thermal pads im trying not to underclock my gpu memory i know there is a chance that my video card may be going but im just curious if it could be the thermal pads. Im guessing this alienware is the 2015 17r3 .



    The laptops passes all alienware support assist test it does not pick up any error what so ever even the gpu stress test.

    When i undeclock the gpu memory it then passes fire strike at 98.5 percent
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