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    About March 2018 my Alienware 13R2 system did an automatic update to my BIOS through rthe Dell Support Assist tool. I had set the tool to do automatic updates, as that way I could keep my sytem protected as the tool was advertised. But once the BIOS update 1.4.4.uploaded to my laptop, I shut it down and then everything was differant. Poor performance, I had to manually turn off my laptop by holding the power button down until shutoff, sleep and hybernate left my computer in a frozen state with what was left on display until I did force power down with power button, bootup time started out very long with inititally at 120- 130 seconds to several minutes. I decided to turn off my automatic updates throught the Dell tool, and then my laptop proceeded to get worse, The boot up time took abt ten minutes and I noticed as well that the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 driver was generating an error (error code -2145124330) causing a Protection Definition Fail. I lived with this through early summer as I was used to the lag in the performance, reading online forums with others having the same issues

    I called Dell support and was advised it was an OS issue. I was advised to reach out to Microsoft to get assistance. My first contact with Microsoft phone support was not smooth, this was 6/10/18-- throught the experience I was put on hold and offered tier two call backs, and this happened for several months. I finally was offered appt for August 12 at the Microsoft store at MOA in Bloomington MN. They had my laptop for several weeks, They attempted to reinstall Windows 10 several times, they were unsuccessful, the resolution from Windows eventually was they were unble to boot into a Windows 10 flash drive and do clean install of Windows 10 at help desk, deemed the issue was hardware related, BIOS issue.

    In process I did talk to a Dell Support Rep-- I advised I was very upset that this update that was crippling to my laptop, that it was placed as a recommended driver update (not a optional update). My warrenty was only one year warrenty and had expired and this agent advised that I should have called the Dell tech support team before downloading it to my laptop, to make sure it was okay to download. I asked him why it had been placed in recommended updates and not optional updates, he started it was my fault that my laptop was bricked and that he could put me in contact wioth support that could repair my motherboard and advise me of the cost to do this. I was roaring mad, he generated a case number and I let him go.

    I am reaching out ot the forum for anyone who has had similar experiences, please drop me an email. Id liek to hear your story and your resoltuion. I currently am still paying for my $2000.00 brick from Dell and htis is quite frustrating. Looking forward to hearing from all my Community on their exepriences.
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    Dell should take all cost for all customers who used their flawed firmware/software.
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