After 3 Asus laptops, I am never buying another one

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Rookie84, Jan 8, 2019.

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    We do have warranties, however, it is shoddy at best and not properly implemented nor enforced, based on what I've seen so far. The minimum Service Warranty as far as I know is 6 Months, and for replacements is 7 days after purchase. However, the warranty for international items is complicated, the local resellers would normally function as de facto repair centers and offer "Local Shop Warranty" for such items. By that, I mean, opening it up themselves and trying to repair the parts themselves in the store, most of the time, they simply try to band aid the components to make the device at least "functional". They tend to not want to replace parts, considering it would cost them, which usually results in needing the item shipped overseas for actual repairs. If we need to have the item shipped abroad for repairs, then we also have the Bureau of Customs ( known right now for stopping a shipment of relief goods for typhoon victims because they refuse to pay for tax exemption but allowing a shipment of more than 3 Billion PHP worth of illegal substances into the country), the most corrupt department in the Philippine Government just waiting to slap a hefty tax on whatever it is you are having shipped back from abroad for warranty repairs, and getting away from such a tax legally would prove time consuming as well as frustrating. The BOC would hold the item until either you pay up or go through the legal processes which would drag on even longer, so most people just tend to pay up to simply get it over with.

    Here is an article from our Department of Trade and Industry:

    Items bought abroad (even from other local stores in my country that also sells the kind of product or brand) are also VERY difficult to acquire a warranty for in here, even if they are covered under INTERNATIONAL Warranty. Here is an article for it:

    They are "working on it", and after a couple of years, as far as I am concerned, they still have not fixed it entirely. The DTI article above did state that International Warranty is honored here, but unfortunately... it is NOT, for the most part. DTI also issued a call to remove in-house policies from companies (Some of them actually only offer Local Shop Warranty and would not shoulder shipping fees OR even Taxes if you need to have the item shipped abroad for repairs and then back again.), but yeah... they are still present a couple of years later. They are usually too scared to take on big companies who have lots of money. Fighting back might prove difficult and costly and sometimes even dangerous, so people tend to just walk away.

    There are some exceptions though, "usually" the Resellers who have set-up in the major malls offer full international warranty coverage, almost always 1 year. The catch is that, they sell their items at an astronomically high price as compared to other resellers and what they sell are usually the outdated models, and I mean severely outdated models. Rarely do any of these MALL-based resellers offer any of the new models, and I already consider models that is practically 2 years old as already new. And by my experience, whenever an item is brought to them for warranty repairs, they almost always go the route of the customer must have done something to the item for it to behave like this, or the item is working as intended by the manafacturer. Although, it does vary heavily between different stores, even within the same Reseller Company. And surprisingly enough, APPLE is among the few companies who actually offer decent international warranty coverage over here... go figure.

    But anyways, if ASUS' Customer support is already terrible abroad, particularly in any of the more technologically advanced nations, just imagine how much worse they are over here. Currently, I am considering getting a Sager cause they do have an authorized reseller here in my country. However, I am much more interested in offerings from DELL, hence why I am really pushing hard for HIDEvolution, their International Shipping option is very appealing to me considering the state of International Warranties or warranties in general here in the Philippines.. That is my current hope of getting a good top of the line laptop that actually has real warranty. I do apologize for my extremely long post, just wanted to explain why I believe the warranties in here suck. The consumer always loses, one way or another. Although.. I am hoping that the situation would have improved recently especially with the new administration... DTI did become a bit more engaged and the Bureau of Customs is being threatened to be taken over by the military with their former head being sacked by the president himself... But international warranties are still rather complicated..
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    I went through the same thing with asus and my Vivotab rt devices. 3 of them developed ghost touch issues after about three months of use. Contacted asus and nothing. What happened to the year warranty. So after back and forth with them, I vowed never to buy, use or direct anyone to asus again.

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