Affordable screen replacement (XPS 9560)

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    Hi all,

    For a couple of months I'm a happy Dell XPS 9560 owner.
    As mentioned in another thread, this is my second XPS as it was replaced by Dell after a heavy car accident (luckily I had the "Accidental Damage Service")
    The damaged laptop, that was found "not repairable" by Dell technicians is still in my possession. When UPS came to pick it up, there was nobody home and the delivery guy told me he would come back another day, but never did. Also I never heard anything anymore from Dell. (this was in October 2017)

    Today I finally found some time to test the laptop and hooked it up to an external monitor. (had to disconnect laptop screen)
    It seams that, except for the damage to laptop's body and the screen, everything works.


    So I want to buy a screen replacement online, preferably an UHD refurbished.
    Has anyone had good experience with some online vendors?
    The ones I found in the US are out of stock or for the FHD with a price higher the the UHD.
    The ones on eBay all come from China (some of them from US for a high price) and I don't know if those are of a similar quality.

    So if anyone could recommend a good website, that would be great.

    Thanks a lot,

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