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Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by Patrick5934, Dec 20, 2018.

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    I came here for information when searching for a thin and light gaming laptop so it is only fair I share my experience.

    There are thorough reviews elsewhere so I will be quick an to the point.

    Chassis I love the simple lines, overall design and keyboard layout, but the keyboard isn't flush with the chassis, the keys ended up touching my screen, leaving a grease mark and in a particular spot, damaging the lcd.

    Monitor the smoothness and color of the display is truly amazing, 144hz is the way to go for sure, but the screen as mentioned above, touches the keyboard and got dirty and damaged because of it.

    Thermals this thing runs hot, Undervolting it helped a lot

    Battery life no one mentioned that to reach the battery life advertised for this pc you have to stay still, only opening one program at a time, preferably only minesweeper or solitaire, also as mentioned all over the forum, driver issues makes it very hard to have consistency. Having HWMonitor running when the computer was iddle and unplugged showed the variations of voltages that caused the different results, for the price of this computer, terrible.

    included software unecesary presentation, but functional, the download manager is, in my region at least, very slow.

    performance had to do a lot of fine tuning, downloading, undervolting to be satisfied with the performance, again, not cool for the price of the device.

    Overall I wanted to love this machine, I loved the weight, layout, design, monitor, touch pad (after installing precision drivers) but it needs to much know how to get it going, I handled that thanks to this community, but the keyboard and chassis leaving a constant mark in my screen and damaging the LCD that is just too much.

    I live in Ecuador South America and that is why I did my research before buying this machine, it was replacing a 5 year old lenovo machine. less than 3 weeks in and already have this issue with the screen, this was supposed to last me 4 years at least! I need to find someone to send it to the states and then see if amazon support sees my claim as valid and try to return it without box.

    my guess is the screen issue is bad luck, but here we are, take it as you will
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