Aero 15x i7-700HQ GTX1070 Max-Q Battery Consumption problem

Discussion in 'Gigabyte and Aorus' started by droidfury, Aug 29, 2019.

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    I have encountered a problem with my keyboard lighting and I have hope to fix it by resetting my machine.
    However that resulted to another problem. My battery capacity is now down to 3.5 hours while it was 6.5 hours previously. I don't know what setting I have set that makes this like this. I have tried to update the bios using
    the smart update app but the issue is still there. I also tried to uninstall smart manager, smart update and even
    the RGB fusion app but my battery capacity is still 3.5 hours. I have tried the solution suggested here in this forum but I still does not work. I hope some can help me.

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