Acer Triton 700 or a AW 17m R1

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by cussyandrew, May 23, 2020.

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    Hey guys, I'm currently confused between 2 laptops.

    1) AW 17m R1 (i7-8750/ 2070MQ) - I could get the R2, but the inverted MB and soldered RAM is a no go.
    2) Acer Predator Triton (i7-7700, 1080 MQ)

    Both are around similar prices.

    My main concern is longevity, as per a lot of research the AW runs hot and the Triron not so much.

    Graphic card comparisons show that the 1080MQ & 2070MQ are quite comparable.

    and eGPU options down the road seem to lean toward Alienware solution.

    Anyone have any pros & cons for the laptops.

    I don't have any issues undervolting and repasting (anything other than LM), for the most part, *the AW seems the simplest to (repaste).

    Another option is the MSI GE63 RGB with a full RTX 2070 but no thunderbolt and a Scar II (2070), although I've heard it has full set of issues again. AND a MSI GT73 VR with a full 1080, although it is an older laptop.

    A Razer 17 Pro with a 1080 is also possible but the feedback has been that its cooling is a poopoo.

    Anything other than these is overpriced and only have gtx 1060s in them.

    Kindly share your experiences or options regarding the laptops,

    Many Thanks

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