Acer R14 vs Lenovo Yoga 710 vs HP Spectre X360

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Which one should I choose (keeping in mind the big price difference)?

  1. Acer R14

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  2. Lenovo Yoga 710

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  3. HP Spectre x360

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  1. Selvanis

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    Hi all,

    Really need your help.
    I have a problem choosing a 2in1 convertible laptop. And before everyone jumps at the HP laptop, bear with me:

    All of those have similar specs:
    - i5-6200U
    - 8 GB of ram
    - Flip system
    - Touchscreen
    - FullHD
    - Yoga 710 has an dGPU Nvidia 940MX bonus.
    - As I understand, the HP Spectre x360 can be used with a stylus, which would be awesome for me.

    The thing is that there are big price differences.
    As I dont live in the US, so I wont give you the prices in dollars (because 50$ for you is not much, for me is a lot) but in my currency:

    Acer R14:
    Yoga 710:
    HP Spectre X360 (the older version):

    So the Acer is a LOOOOOT cheaper. What's your opinion, is the Acer a lot worse or is it similar and the price difference should make it the best price/quality choice?

    I need this laptop mainly for internet/reading/some indie games (so very low specs), to take with me when I travel and to show client my designs (I'm a graphic designer). For work I have a good desktop, a couple of big monitors etc. but from time to time I'll probably have to make some minor adjustments in Illustrator and Photoshop "on the go".

    Does anyone have any opinions on this? Any experirnce with these laptops? Should I buy the cheapest (acer) as they have similar specs and it wont be my main PC, or should I pay more for some reason?
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