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    Found the vBIOS!
    It is NOT stored in the system bios, it is on a separate Macronix MX25U4033E chip!
    Default TDP is 78W and with OC maximum graphics score I was able to get was 12200 points in Fire Strike.
    I have modded the vBIOS from 78W to 110W, now the max points have increased to 13561 ! Not bad compared to the factory default 11400 :)

    3DMark result:

    Was a bit tricky to flash the modded vBIOS.
    An RT809F SPI programmer gave validation error when reading the factory vBIOS.
    Then we tried an TL866CS which was able to read and save the vBIOS to an 512 kb ROM file.

    However when writing the modded vBIOS (256 kb file saved with nvflash) the TL866CS gave write error.
    However RT809F was able to write and verify it.

    tl;dr: for saving an TL866CS was needed, for writing a RT809F :D

    ps: The new TDP after vBIOS mod (after running 1 Fire Strike test):


    TDP is a bit higher than the default 78W :D
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