Acer Extensa 5635-Z. Is this kind of overclocking?

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    Hi, I'm learning about mods and overclocking. First of all I need to know what is considered "normal".

    My CPU T9500 is 2600Hz.

    But CPU-Z shows under "heavy" load (playing some vids and other stuff simultaneously) 2700ish

    and a multiplier of 14 (isn't limited to 13?)

    Question: Is that a normal behaviour in a non overclocked CPU?

    Video added. Thanks

    EDIT---> I've "found" a program, Throttlestop, wich stabilizes these findings, so the T9500 is more like a X9000 most of the time (apparently) when I force the multiplier to 14 and voltage to 1.225v, even if load is medium or low.

    I was convinced that I could not do this pseudo-overclocking if the motherboard did not let me (GL40), nice surprise
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