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Do you think this model is still usable in 2019/2020

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    Did not find any thread here and I thought I share some intel on this low volume production model:

    First and foremost the RAW Data:


    So what edge does it have over the high production volume of the S7-392?

    - Factory Standard WQHD Screens (not just an option anymore)
    - 5th Gen Processor
    - 8GB Factory Standard RAM (not just an option anymore)

    Anything else is identical to the S7-392 Model. If you open them up you wouldnt even notice a difference.

    Now to the current pricing:

    The S7-392 was produced from Q1 2013 up to Q1 2015 and was replaced with the S7-393 in Q2 2015.
    Acer was struggling in selling these models competitively since they were priced around 1300-1700$ and had not changed significantly to its predecessors. It would prove that by the end of 2016 they were loosing money per unit sold and could not turn a profit with these ultrabooks anymore. As it were the new CEO of Acer decreed the S7-39x series should be discontinued indefinetly in Q1 2017.

    Now because the S7-393 production volume was not meant to be high as its predecessors were, few people actually found out about this item. There wasnt even much coverage of it, unlike the S7-391 & S7-392 which were both aclaimed in its own right.

    Because people sort of forgot about these models over time the price in the used market dropped drastically up until a point you could get a used S7-392 in good condition with an i7 for roughly 300-450$ and a S7-393 for roughly 350-600$.

    A good price considering this thing has some pedigree behind it, but its up to the individual user to decide what that pedigree is worth (Touch, WQHD Display, M2 SSD RAID0 Slot etc.)

    The Good:
    - It features an elegant timeless design that reminds you of the earlier Macbooks
    - Gorilla Glas and a High Quality Touch Display
    - Good Battery life and perfect versatility as a work and office System
    - "Eye-catcher", regardless where you are at, a meeting or the uni, someone eventually will ask you about that laptop.

    The Bad:
    - Backlight Keyboard high frequency feeping. To turn it off, turn off the backlight or dimm it a bit.
    - The Acer S7 is prone to electrical issues to the point where an italian car would probably not cause as many headaches as this one.
    - The middle screw in the upper section is the main source of problems with these models as it sort of acts as an electrical conductor inside the motherboard (implemented as a safety feature for the Acer Tech Support inicially). It also is copper alloyed at its profile and the alloy tends to wear off causing random electrical shortages and unexpected system failures that also damage the battery lifespan dramatically.
    Realloying the screw or getting a new one (good luck finding one) is the only solution to that problem. I have a Screen that shows how we found the problem initially and shared our knowledge with Acer.

    The Ugly:
    - Keep Liquid away from this thing at all cost! Any liquid is its biggest enemy
    - Dont Drop this thing or damage the display. You wont be able to replace it unless you pay 600-900$ for the part.
    - Make sure you dont have to replace the Keyboard any time soon. The Keyboard is beset in with 60 little galvanized screws that break easily and you WILL have to file them off if you use the wrong tools or some of them are already broken up by the previous person who attempted a replacement. Expect around 30 mins to 1 hour of work to replace the keyboard since everything has to come out for it to be replaced.





    Hope I could help some people out who were not sure about this model or had any question regarding it.
    Feel free to ask if questions, I'll do my best to answer them as best as I can, since I own 2 of these and have refurbished in the last 6 months like 15 of these things myself.
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