Acer Aspire Comparisons

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Seiko Santana, Jul 9, 2018.

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    Hi there!

    I'm looking forward to buy an Acer laptop. I wonder which is better in performance. I've spent three days, searching for benchmarks for three different processors. I heard that Ryzen 5 with Vega 8 is a pretty good choice.

    My biggest confusion is when I tried to conclude which is better - Ryzen 5-2500U with Radeon Vega 8 Mobile in Aspire 3 (A315-41-R9D3) or Core i5-8250U with GeForce MX150 in Aspire E5-476G.

    If both performs similiar for video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, 3D Modeling, development, and gaming, I'll choose the Ryzen one (it saves me 800.000 IDR). I don't really mind about power consumption. Performance and endurance are my priority.

    Can anyone suggest me which one is a better option, with nice reason(s)?

    Thanks in advance!

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