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    I just pieced a previously broken 5740G just today. Think it was the 333G32Mn model, as it had the 512MB HD5470, not the 1GB 5650.

    Without further ado, here's what frankenstein parts were fitted to rise this 5740G from the dead:

    - freshly flashed EC SPI ROM from a old LGA775 board - the issue I originally bought this 5740G with was, probably well known to some of you, a bad EC (KBC) chip, which would result in no power, charge or anything. I managed to get hold of the EC image through Google.
    -15.6" AuO LCD from a dead ASUS X5DAF
    - LCD assembly sans hinges from a Aspire 5735 (the LCD hinge assembly is the same one found on the 5536/5542/5738/5740 so they were of course compatible)
    - i3-380M from a Compaq CQ57-460EA (which got a i3-350M in place)
    - 2x2GB DDR3-8500 from an Aspire 5739
    - nordic keyboard from an Aspire 7738G
    - Centrino N-100 WLAN from a dead Aspire 5349
    - Lite-On DS-8A5SH DVD-RW from the same unit the WLAN comes from
    - and a 500GB HDD from a friend's ASUS X540NA (he upgraded his HDD to a 1TB SSD)
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