A Xeon 1535 V6 copy cat is very potent!

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    I am back on standard Thermal paste, goodbye Liquid metal. And this is just a short write up, on utilizing a 7820HK CPU.

    So, I was setting up some lower power profiles for my laptop, I use a i7 7820HK CPU daily; which is a great CPU. But, I wanted to experiment with it a little. I wanted to make it as efficient as possible, when I'm on battery or, just trying to keep my fans quiet. So, I finally found some screen shots of exactly how a Intel Xeon 1535 V6 looks inside Intel XTU. So, I mirrored its exact settings with my i7 7820HK! And to say the least, this processor is ridiculous! It is literally the fastest 7th gen BGA laptop CPU you could get your hands on, it even still rivals some throttling (6) Core 8th gen CPU, if its running at its potential. Not a lot of people have this Xeon 1535 V6 CPU, but its a great chip to say the least!

    Intel Xeon 1535 V6 XTU default specs

    (1) Core Active. x42
    (2) Core Active. x41
    (3) Core Active. x40
    (4) Core Active. x39

    Cache frequency. x37

    Turbo short power time max = 75 Watt

    Turbo boost max power = 45 Watt

    Processor Core ICC Max = 67.00A

    So, I applied the exact settings above. Then, I started to work down my voltage as low I could get it. I ended up with a stable -0.135v undervolt, that was perfectly stable. I looped Cinebench R15 over and over again, and it averaged about 865 multithreaded, with 180 single thread.

    I just wanted to share my experience! This is a great XTU profile, that runs very cool. And even faster!

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