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Discussion in 'HP' started by xfiras, Feb 8, 2020.

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    Hi guys,
    so i have the hp omen 15 2018 chassy
    exactly hp dc100ne (8750h,2060) and i was looking since i got for a way to get a full fan option since their fan curve sucks
    i got it to use notebook fan control with hp 240ab pavilion profile but it gives alot of problems and is not stable so today bob of all trades suggest if i get the omen command center from the new redisgn the hp dh0xxx to my laptop and see what happened but unfortunatlly i really have no way to get it so anyone have any idead about this ( i know it mostly won't work and they mostly changed some hardware but lets try )
    btw i have done -0.125 undervolt on my cpu and some work on the gpu i can hit close to 1600mhz with 0.875v
    but the cpu still throttles it can't even handle 3.5 on all cores without throttleing down to 3.3 while taking about 50-60w after disabling PL on the stock paste i will replace that but not soon since my laptop has a 2 years warranty

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