A giant 34-foot LED TV for movie theaters

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    That reminds me of this event and article, bringing back 70mm from the dust...

    Return of 70mm film sends cinema bosses scrambling for old projectors

    Fifty-year-old temperamental clattering contraption flickers in the dark again as filmmakers seek "vivid and vital" screenings.


    "When it was announced last year that Quentin Tarantino's new film,The Hateful Eight, would screen exclusively for the first week on 70mm film, digital-based cinemas around the world scrambled to find working 70mm projectors. Most failed.

    At Yarraville's Sun Theatre, owner Michael Smith succeeded because he asked veteran Melbourne projectionist Brian Davis where he might procure one. "I have two in my garage," Davis replied."
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    Nobody will pay $12-$18 for a movie ticket to watch a fancy TV set and it's built in speakers. Dumb down movie theater screens too much and downgrade the sound, people will wait for the Blu-Ray and watch it at home. Ever heard of IMax, Big D, RPX, etc premium screens and their ilk. People who go to a theater want premium sight and sound and showmanship they can't get at home. That fancy TV I bet does not have QSC power amplifiers with over 750 watts or more per channel of real power, and I bet it does not have the equivalent of real JBL Cinema speakers, Klipsch Cinema speakers or QSC cinema loudspeakers, the type of which are far larger than 99% of homes can fit in their living room either. This TV for a corporate AV application would be fine, or some home application for someone who was a Billionaire, but this folks IS NOT REAL THEATER, and it never will be that. The sound system in a real theater today is easily $15-$25,000 alone. Per screen, most of that is loudspeakers.
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