a gamer build plz help

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by LordAlphons, Sep 13, 2018.

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    lol 50-100. Here in EU everything is 30% more expensive at the very least ^^ Sometimes a laptop that is 1600 dollars in US is easily 2000 euro (2300 dollars) here or even more. Try that. But it's true we get at least 2 years warranty on everything and some computer parts have even 3 or 5 years warranty ^^
    Judging that the OP was apologizing for his English, I assume he is not American. That means MUCH more money has to go into the same system.
    I looked up your components on the cheapest store in the Netherlands. Just the cpu+gpu+ram+ssd are already over 1200 euro (1400 dollars) AND then you still need motherboard, case, fans, power supply etc. Lol. With your build it would easily go towards 1800 euro at least (2100 dollars) and then you still need the screen. Cheapest g-sync monitor is 400 euro (almost 500 dollars) and that is just a crappy 24 inch 1080p acer.
    You need to be more aware of price differences when giving advice :x as your "average" build might turn out several thousand euro/dollars here.
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