880m .....seems to run a tad....warm....

Discussion in 'Alienware' started by Kyle_Gates, Aug 26, 2018.

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    I remember the good old 880m days. I had an 18 with 880m sli and they were finicky and yes a bit warm. But if you got lucky and ended up with decent cards, found the right driver for them and didn't mess with them too much they could be really good cards. After about 3 or 4 months of trying different drivers and settings I ended up pretty happy with mine. They tended to mostly run maxed in the mid 80's and occasionally would hit 87-88. I then sold it about 6 months later and upgraded to an 18 with 980m SLI which max out around 80. If you're comfortable doing the upgrade I would do it sooner than later. I didn't trust mine and they ran cooler than yours so I would be concerned about how long that card will last.

    On a side note, the whole time I had them I only found 1 driver that they didn't throttle with. I want to say it was something like 344.71 but it's late and I might be completely wrong. Sounds about right though. Unless that was the bad one. Either way, I'm glad I had the 880's, I learned a lot during that time. I'm glad I got rid of them too.
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    In fairness....this Alienware makes it 3 that I own so....

    Not saying I am looking to sell or anything but, Its not my only gaming laptop :)

    Mainly I have just never owned anything in the 8xxm series (other 2 Alienware's have 780m and 770m SLi) and was just a little surprised at those temps. For the overall price I paid Im quite pleased with it as a backup system to other various gaming systems around the house but it may not get used to much in the near term. Also great to know I can add a 980m to it down the road to bring it a bit more in the speed dept.
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    The 880m's were notorious for running hot even though they were basically just a 780m. I heard stories about people replacing them with 780m's because the performance hit was negligible and the temps were just so much better.

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