8770w compatible video cards

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    I have to NOT agree with your statement "I did explicitly mention that the vBios chip is not compatible with the clips of the programmer" yes, I is a little harder to put the clip on, but it does works. All you have to do is to push the pins in the clip a little deeper in the clip, then attach it to the chip.

    I was able to flash it, unfortunately, I have pinched a resistor from the PCB, the resistor was so small, I was not able to see it with naked eye, I had to use a DSLR a Macro Lens and a tripod. Anyway, again... if your machine already has Dreamcolor... lets say, might be a reason to upgrade, but if you don`t is just pure waste of money. I am using the laptop for Lightroom, photoshop and Premiere Pro... With i7 CPU 3940XM, 32 GB RAM, with 1TB SSD Samsung vNand... and my "new" K4000M gpu... it is still struggling, in PremierePro still freezes frames while video-playback and not even at full resolution, and most of my clips are around 10 seconds mark... Putting money into a laptop like this is like you are tuning your 1983 300 SDL Mercedes... It`s old.
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    I think „not compatible“ includes the option of ruining some of the surrounding elements. This wouldn’t have happened if the vBios chip was the standard one with visible pins.
    Still consider this as your fault as it simply contains the risk of damaging something as it is NOT supposed to be used on this type of vBios chip.
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