802.11b/g & hacker/security

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by sloane, Jan 22, 2004.

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    hei hei :)

    just wondering about the wireless lan,
    heard some stuff about low security and hacking.
    *it's not that I have a top secret & super confidential governement matters on my notebook* hohoh :)
    just assume dat I'm a total idiot in this matter
    (well, actually I am) :D
    I only read that if you have stuff in your shared files folder, then a person sitting next to you could have access to it.
    which only means dat u shudn't actually put anything in ur shared files folder.

    can u actually switch off the internal wireless lan function when operating ur notebook ?

    Is it actually better to get an external 802.11g card ?
    and what kind of notebook spec would be compatible with 802.11g ?
    Is there any 802.11g card to avoid or do they come in pretty much the same standards ?

    Thankkss :D

    PS. Please note that I dun have super confidential government matters on my notebook. not to mention top secret :p

    HA HA.. very NOT funny... :)

  2. Brian

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    A few things. If you're at home, turn on WEP security on the wireless router, that will keep people out. You may also want to get a personal firewall to prevent unauthorized access, there are many free options.

    When two computers are on the same network, data in shared folders can be seen. So, if you don't want this to happen, don't share critical folders or if you do, put a password on them.

    As for security, G is not different than B and internal makes no difference opposed to external. Yes, you can shut the wireless down if you like.

    Most notebooks support G as an option now and most of the internal cards are made by the same handful of companies, so not much to avoid there.


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