6930G subwoofer (buzzing with the good driver)

Discussion in 'Acer' started by DoZe, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Hi !
    I know it's an old problem, but recently i try to solve it and i must admit i don't know this fact about the Tuba Bass subwoofer.
    I use the good driver , but... always buzzing....

    See this :
    Yep ! as you can see, the speaker is dead ! it seems over the year, the surround suspension is completly ripped off due to bad quality.

    Of course i need a new one, i buy an old 6930G for parts and the first time for me, i have this one :
    Yeah, that's the fact : 2 models of subwoofer exist ! This one is better and it sounds better !

    PS : i make a Try with the native Realtek Driver (11th July 2017: 6.01.8210)
    perfect ! :O) it sounds good !
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