50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

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    It looks like Facebook is noticing the massive increase in account deletions...it also gives them another 16 days of monitoring your activity. Like financial institutions delay / hold funds so they can gain interest on the impounded balance, so it goes with data privacy access. For both, time in their hands is money for them.

    Facebook increases account deletion grace period to 30 days
    It really hopes you'll have a change of heart.
    Jon Fingas, @jonfingas, 10.03.18 in Internet

    "...There is a downside. If you are bent on deleting your account, Facebook won't truly scrub your data for another two weeks beyond its previous grace period. You're not very likely to see a breach during that interval, but it could be frustrating if you wanted to wash your hands of the service."
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