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Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Schwabe, Aug 8, 2019.

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    Currently looking at the 2019 Dell XPS 13" w/ 16GB, FHD display (non 4K cause better battery life, matte' finish)

    this XPS aside, any other laptops worth considering (min 16GB) ?

    The only thing else I would want out of it is perhaps an extra inch of screen real estate ie- 14", a better panel (ie- 144hz) and better GPU but not at the cost of significantly more weight or less battery. Does such a system exist?

    The Carbon X1 seems close to this criteria but the quality of the display is questionable and Lennovo's QA and support seems not necessarily worth the tradeoff versus the reliability of Dell and its XPS line.
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    Just for fun, a 14.0" 16:9 display has 540.2cm^2 (83.75in^2) of display area, and the Dell's 13.4" 16:10 has 520.65cm^2 (80.7in^2). You are gaining only ~3 sq in or surface area (or 20 square cm).

    Normally, the difference between a 14" and 13.3" 16:9 is ~2.5 times that, which is why I brought it up.

    As for X1C6, Lenovo generally uses good displays for their flagship, even among the cheaper panel choices. Full sRGB gamut, no strange PWM operation, at least 300 nits brightness. I don't know as much about the X1C7. I do know the X1C7 has regressed in battery size (57Whr down to 51Whr).

    Other options for an amped up XPS13 are probably the:
    • Razer Blade Stealth (though if you are considering QA/QC and support, Razer is probably not a well-recommended choice)
    That's about it. More distant choices include:
    • MSI PS42 (single channel SO-DIMM, CPU is somewhat limited, but the MX150 is basically unleashed)
    • Thinkpad T490 (small 50Whr battery, but gains the MX250 and isn't too heavy)
    • ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 (though not much is really known about this laptop, even after a year on the market...)
    • ASUS Vivobook? I've seen them in Best Buy, and based on a brief interaction with it's build quality, I wouldn't consider it. Maybe you are luckier? Lower end version of the Zenbook, basically
    • Dell Latitude 5400/5401 (Intel U + AMD GPU and Intel H + Nvidia GPU, respectively), but that's probably pushing it (3.37Lbs starting, though probably 3.7Lbs with some options)
    Even more distant:
    • MSI PS63 modern (15.6", Intel U + GTX1650) 3.5Lbs
    • Lenovo X1E 2nd gen (15.6", Intel H + GTX1650MaxQ) 3.7Lbs
    • XPS 15 is too heavy to even consider in the same rankings; 4.5Lbs with 97Whr battery)
    • LG Gram? No dGPU, but they usually are very light and have decent battery life. Poor cooling, from what I understand.
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