2018 spectre 15 vs late 2017 spectre 15

Discussion in 'HP' started by Alchemist, Apr 6, 2018.

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    I'm considering the spectre 15.. and HP is in the process of updating the model. They both have similar specs i7-8550u, 4k, mx150, thunderbolt 3. ssd, ram, etc. are all pretty much the same. But the new model is based on the same thicker case designed for the new 65w intel+amd chips and may provide better thermals and thus better performance than the outgoing model. The new model also has a slightly larger battery (84wh vs 79wh) and a numeric keypad on the keyboard.

    So does anyone have or have they seen benchmarks on the new HP spectre 15 anywhere? The outgoing model is $200 cheaper and they keyboard + battery change isn't worth $200 more to me... but if the performance is significantly improved that would be as the outgoing model is a less than exceptional implementation of the i7-8550u.
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