20011 13 MBP i7. Is it worth getting SSD and new battery?

Discussion in 'Apple and Mac OS X' started by NYCtech, Dec 22, 2017.

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    Ive just put 8GB of ram in and Im finding it uses 4GB minimum web browsing and over a day will rise to 6.7GB thanks to the plan put in on Elcapitan OSX wanting all RAM Used.

    Even though my notebook is in good condition, aside from a VERY hard to see LCD stain thats about 3cm long and 0.5cm wide, you see it when in pitch black scenes in a movie etc.

    My main concern, even though the i7 keeps up with my GFs i5-6300u, will the HD3000 codec eventually make watching things like netflix or youtube unplayable?

    Im wondering if the $150 is worth the upgrade. I guess I get to keep the SSD either way.

    If I could get 3 years out of it I would be happy.

    Also 3rd party batteries are half the price. Everybody gets paranoid and says what if the xplode etc etc, but ive not seen that happen yet with one. Ive seen it happen with new notebooks and phones though. Considering the notebook is worth $300NZD should I invest another $150 on a new apple battery or $69 on a third party?
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    I have not had an issue with any third party battery, other than the fact that most lie regarding capacity. If you get a good brand name third party battery like mugen or something go for it! for 150 bucks for the upgrade i think you would be ok. I put Linux mint on my macbook, and am using that instead of MacOS, it's more user friendly actually. It's my old 2007 and it works great. I have the ram maxed at 8gb and an intel 320 ssd in it. I think you will be fine for a few more years using that device. What version of MacOS is on it now?
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    Will work fine for office work and web browsing with a good brand SSD and a new battery, don't try to play games or render videos.
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