2 tb sabrent rocket pcie ssd 330

Discussion in 'Notebook and Tech Bargains' started by stamar, Mar 31, 2019.

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    Now this is not a coupon it's just honestly a sign that prices are falling

    You can get a cheaper 2 tb pcie ssd with an intel 660p for 220
    Or a sata ssd with a western digital blue for 250 might fit jn the same slot depending

    But this is actually a 3000/3000 speed pcie ssd it's axtually an upper end ssd similar to a 970 Evo which goes for 500.

    Same ssd is sold as mushkin and seagate for more.

    I was just shopping wanted to share the best deal I saw
    I ended up getting this because of newegg credit


    Also a great deal now the sabrent is Toshiba phison
    And the hp is micron silicon motion ( like the intel actually but top line)
    Or xdata also micron
    Similar to western digital but better

    In all hobesty both of these are better than what samsung is selling for more at the moment they may even fall in price but I just feel 330 is a steal.

    Maybe by summer it will be 200 and this alert will sound dumb
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    I've not seen anybody try this so you would be the first. I was the first to post when I came to the SX 8200 Pro, and do not regret it. Yeah prices are definitely dropping for memory, though I am not certain why Samsung refuses to drop their prices.

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