17" good keyboard, used & new.

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Johannes33, Dec 30, 2019.

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    I mainly write on my computer so a good keyboard is the most important.

    Also it need to be quiet or semi quiet since I will be using it in the university library.

    Display would need to be minimum 1080p (FHD) preferably non glossy.

    I would be fine buying a used computer since I do not need more than medium performance to do my tasks and a lower price would be nice.

    I live in Sweden and will be buying from the EU.

    Laptops I do not think I will like:
    I have tried the lenovo p73 and did not like the keyboard. I think the 14" thinkpads have better keyboards (bigger keys).
    Also I do not think I will like the TONGFANG GK7CN6S / GK7CP0S / GK7CP7S mechanical keyboard since it got bad reviews in this thread.

    maximum price would be $2200 or 2000 Euro
    It would be really nice to be able to buy something for less than half of that for a used computer.

    Not so important:
    so if I buy new It would be nice to get a swedish keyboard layout.

    Thanks for your help!
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    A few thoughts and a few options you may want to look at:

    Bigger keyboards for 17" laptops are mainly a thing of the past, most manufacturers use the same keyboard size for their 15 and 17" units.

    You cannot really make much use of a native UHD screen, you will probably want to use it with a DPI setting of 150 which will effectively reduce your resolutiom to QHD so I suggest to also look at QHD (2560 x 1440) screens although they are usually not as high quality as the alternative UHD and HD options except for their refresh rate that to my knowledge is always 120 Hz but that is more important for gaming.

    You may also want to look into portable screens which will boost your productivity a lot - a second 1920x1080 15" screen may help when you spend the whole day in the library, I have been using the Asus MB169 screen.

    Good thinking about the fan noise being an issue in a library but please note that the same goes for keyboards. The best keyboard with regard to tactile feedback that I have used not only on a laptop has been the mechanical keyboard of the MSI GT75 but unfortunately people would probably not like the noises that it makes when you type away on it in a library.
    Another problem is that some people hate a keyboard that others really like this is a very individual thing so you would have to try and get to know a few of the available keyboards, as you already have noted with the P73 many people like that one yet you don't.
    Older Asus gaming laptops seem to have pretty big keyboards by the way but I do not know about their other qualities as I did not want to get an expensive machine where both the CPU and GPU is soldered to the mainboard. If you are out of warranty and either the CPU, the GPU or the mainboard breaks there is a good chance that you have to throw that one in the bin and with a used machine you will be out of warranty right away or at least faster than with a machine bought new.

    That being said I would think that the currently best screen for your needs would be the 16:10 2560 x 1600 screen in the LG gram 17 which is also extremely portable, has excellent battery life and decent servicability for a machine that is so slim and light and you can get it new and below 2000. Performance is only so-so but you should be able to tame its fans via software especially when you go for mostly light office work and surprisingly it takes three drives which is I believe the same as some recent workstations (they used to take up to 4 or 5 drives in the past). If you look for used you can look in all kinds of directions but with the bigger screens you will often do into DTR andhigher end gaming territory and there the wieght would go up. To me everything up to 4kgs is really portable but others may draw the line at 3kgs or even lower but please note that being more slim and light will either hamper performance or make your machine run rather hot or both if you need to do some more serious work.
    I think that it is a shame that this excellent DTR screen cannot be found in other laptops that are more substantial but it is probably perfect if you carry it around in a backpack all day as it is so light.
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    I've been happy with my ProBook 470 and I think it checks your boxes well. The keyboard is not as good as a ThinkPad, but I like the keyboard. The G3 and above offer 1080p matte IPS screens. It's a pound or two lighter than the workstations you're looking at now like the P73. It's no longer being made, but you can get one on eBay or Amazon if you like. The G5, the last version, can be bought with the low watt quad cores.
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