17" 4k, good typing keyboard, low noise, medium performer.

Discussion in 'What Notebook Should I Buy?' started by Johannes33, Dec 2, 2019.

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    I'm looking to buy a 17" laptop with 4k screen. I use a lot of office applications that need a lot of screen real estate so I do not need it to be good with gaming. Since I will be mainly typing on it, the keyboard needs to be a good one. I also would like a touchpad with buttons and low noise. Accationaly I will be watching a movie on it as well.
    display: 17" UHD
    extra if possible: high nits for outdoor work, touch enabled.

    performance: medium (do not want the battery to drain and noise to be a problem)

    keyboard: a good one for typing.

    battery life: minimum 3h office work (I do not know what to expect form a computer with 4k)

    price range prefer up to 1500 Euro but up to 2500 Euro ~2600 USD is ok.
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    I would recommend either the Lenovo P72 or P73.
    Or if typing is quite important to you, I really recommend the Eluktronics MECH-17 as its portable and comes with a mechanical keyboard undoubtedly superior to any rubber dome keyboard even the ThinkPad keyboards, 17 inches and 4k do not go all that well together I do hope you realise that you will need to use scaling with that display if you choose 4k, or you are going to need to use a magnifying glass, like a real one that you hold in your hand, no I am not joking I honestly suggest you go take a look at some models with 4k, turn off the scaling in Windows and set it to 100%, its unusable so your effective work space wont increase, another monitor however would increase your work space substantially, Lenovo sells those 15.6 inch and 17 inch portable laptop monitors that can run off USB-C or USB 3, they are relatively thin and lightweight and no power adapter is needed.

    You can get 4k touch display with the ThinkPad P73 but I would argue against it. 1440p would be more desirable but sadly that is pretty rare in laptops.
    Both machines can be configured before buying, choosing your hardware etc and you can easily fit them in your price range.
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    17" notebooks with 4K touchscreens are rare ducks. The only one that comes to mind is the HP Envy 17, though I believe that is out of production. If you can give up 4K and/or touchscreen, you'll have more options. In my experience, some people really do like touchscreens and if you're one of them, then go for it, but there are other considerations. Touchscreens add weight and lessen battery life. The glass used in them is typically highly reflective, which can be annoying in well lit areas like an office or outside.
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