$1500 Gaming PC Build Help!!!

Discussion in 'Desktop Hardware' started by Al913, Aug 13, 2018.

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    So I am a beginner at building a desktop and this will be my first desktop I will have ever owned. I am confused about all the varieties of brand and components needed for building a PC. As far as what I want in the PC here is a list of must haves:
    -Intel Core i7 8th Gen 8700/8700k
    -16 GB ram
    -1 TB HDD 240 GB SSD or 500 GB SSD
    -1070 Ti 8 GB or 1080 8gb
    -Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
    -water cooling
    -RGB if possible but not necessary

    If you can please list links for each component either Amazon or Newegg
  2. saturnotaku

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    I would honestly buy a pre-built desktop and be done with it. $1,500 is a lot of money to spend to built it yourself, especially if you've never done it before.
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    Knowing what you want in the end is very important cause you can waste alot of money fast.

    I would choose if you want to Rzyen Gen2 chips or get the ThreadRipper that could save in the end. And check to see if the Board will support OC if you plan to go that eXtreme as well. Be a waste to spend all that $$ to find out your board can't do that.

    This is a good start but if you can go at least 32GB get that. Most system don't get that high unless your doing Video editing or CAD or Server but a Gaming Rig - I think 16GB works just fine. I be surprised if you can use all of it.

    Get a Board with NVMe as the main drive and get a HDD at least somewhere from 3tb - 8tb for storage and get a NVMe from 259gb to 500gb for Main drive.

    If you can ge the GPU 1070Ti 16gb or 1080Ti at 16 go that route at least but Ti will cost you a pretty penny so what will determine the card would be Monitor size or how many monitors will you be driving? So look into that as well before deciding on the GPU.

    Get Windows 10x64 Pro you will be glad you did.

    Unless your Extreme OC then go that route remember if it leaks - it's not a matter of leak but it will eventually overtime. Fans are very good and if your case is also part of the decision get a MidTower that will get you rooms to do what you want-especially if you decide H2O cooling. And if you go Fans get alot of them I got these for my system and they work good quiet and powerful.
    These are 140mm and I like their quiet and cfm.

    IPS all the way if you can but the larger the monitor the higher the asking price so ask what size do you want? I would say start at 27" and go from there if you want enjoyable gaming viewing.

    I would go with NewEgg for most components or use https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ web site to get the best price and use that for what would work for your budget.

    Last but not lease Audio card....
    I got the http://support.creative.com/scripts/getProd.aspx?id=21402
    If you want good high quality sound feedback. I always like their hardware and this one makes for excellent audio. I know they have built in but I prefer having the best Audio money can buy and this one does it will and it can attach to the audio front out.

    Remember this is from my years of building my own system not from any work I done. But experience will help you find your best Rig. But as anything this is my experience and opinion from my build trails and errors. And what you take from here and where you go will be up to you.
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